Prepare for trouble!
And make it double!

To protect the princess from unwanted invasion!
To slay all dragons within our nation.
To stop all who enter, and make them eat shit!
To never show mercy, not even for a bit.


Queens guard! Crushing you with the power of lightning.
So lay down and die, and return to your bonfire!


FINALLY! Temptation Pt. 2 Reluctant Temptation is friggin finally done. God, I like doing comics but at the same time, I despise doing them. Anyway, the title kind of explains what is going on in this scenario. Twilight not wanting to admit that she can be a bit of a freak when the moment calls for it.

Overall, this was a pretty fun little story to draw out. Not the best in the world, but still fun. I hope you all enjoy it and catch that it is left in a bit of a cliffhanger just in case I do a Pt. 3 but ending well enough in case I don’t want to.

I hope you all enjoy this little read and feel free to donate. Pls, donate, it is what drives me to do more of this stuff DX.

Prolouge to this is here

Part One is here

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