The Mane Course

6 base images of your favourite hometown heroes with a ton of edits! SFW, Futa, Herm, Ahegao and a heaping amount of cum variations.
Equals out to about 80+ images.


It’s entirely pay what you want! But I really do appreciate any amount thrown my way, it really helps out and makes it easier to provide more content for you. ^^
Plus my drawing tablet is slowly starting to stop working, if I could replace it, it would make working a lot easier.

As a little bonus, for every 100 paid downloads $1 or over, an image will be drawn of another character + edits and posted here on my blog. c:

I’m extremely grateful for any and all support, it helps me out a lot, I worked really hard on this and hope you enjoy it and that we can break at least a couple milestones for more content! ^^

As another extra, every person who donates $5 or more will be entered into an art raffle to win 1 fully coloured commission from me of any character they like!
So not only are you helping me out that little bit more, but you could win something for yourself for super cheap. :D

Once again thank you! Enjoy!
And feel free to post the images to other sites, but please source, and try not to spam too much at once. <3

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