New flash animation with Fluttershy and Futa Princess Luna!

Created by Mittsies & atryl

Just a quick little side project to keep things interesting while I work on bigger stuff. This animation includes two of the most highly-requested characters based on feedback from my fans. From the survey that I did back in June, Fluttershy was the most-wanted character at 33%, and a lot of people mentioned they’d like to see something with Princess Luna. atryl and I agreed that Fluttershy and Luna would be an awesome pairing, so we decided to just go for it. We went for the version where she has normal hair instead of that glowing blue mane I did in the Nightmare Moon flash, which I feel a lot of people will appreciate (especially if you don’t have a NASA Super-Computer).

Click here to watch - Enjoy!

also here’s the music from the flash:

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